The following is our

VIVID vision.

Creating this Vision brings the future into the present,

so we have clarity on what we are consciously creating together right now and can always take the intuitive, strategic, simplest and most direct path to make it a reality. This is a detailed overview of what our company will look like, feel like, and act like 3 years from now on Dec. 31st, 2022.
It’s December 31st: We’re ending the single best year of our company’s history, and we are riding a major high as we celebrate together on a beautiful sandy beach with the moon shining bright in the background.
As we raise our glasses, we look back on an incredible journey that has come with so many incredible accomplishments.
300, 000+ yoga teachers around the globe know without a doubt that we are the leader at helping teachers do the work they love successfully full-time…

Our team of 50+ superstars are some of the most incredible people I’ve ever met: big hearts, big minds, incredibly passionate and each work their tails off to help Modern Yoga Teacher make a HUGE impact across the globe…

Our 2000+ students have reached over 10,000,000+ yogis all over the world with their message of the healing power of yoga…
…We are living out our Vision of changing the world and it feels absolutely incredible! Some days it’s simply surreal the impact we are making around the globe. 

WHO We Are

At Modern Yoga Teacher, we are the clear leaders at showing yoga teachers how to harness their passion, leverage their voice and share their message with the world to do this amazing work full-time successfully. 

OUR Vision

To help the planet heal through the power of Yoga.

OUR Mission

To help 7,000 yoga teachers grow their tribes and reach true financial freedom.
We strive to deliver a first-class experience from start to finish, with a supportive and solutions-oriented team assisting our clients all throughout their journey.
The ripple effect of this will positively impact hundreds of millions of lives as our students share the power of yoga.

OUR Big Why

We believe that yoga teachers are spiritual leaders, waking people up to the truth of who they are in mind, body and soul.
If we teach yoga teachers how to market themselves, we know that will change more lives with the conscious message of yoga.


We make the world a better place by helping yoga teachers reach the masses with their message while also helping them to create more freedom, balance, wealth, and courageous personal growth.
We have four core pillars of what we do and are now rapidly expanding each one:
At the heart of our company is the education and training provided under the Modern Yoga Teacher name, which is now a world-renowned brand for yoga teachers and studio owners.
We have online trainings, exclusive masterclasses, in-person and online masterminds, live talks and a huge resource library to attract our perfect clients based on the belief that you attract your students by being a teacher FIRST before anything else. 
Our core strategy for coaching our students provide a first class level of support thoughout the whole process while teaching simple, highly effective marketing and growth strategies.
We help them implement these strategies and systems in order to grow their freedom and their revenue faster than ever.
After seeing the opportunities within the business of yoga, we have created the most efficient, time saving, and income driving software applications for yoga teachers and studio owners.
These applications make our training and coaching programs even stronger because of their extreme value to our clients.
One of the most beautiful and natural occurences throughout our company’s history are the amount of world class students who have become dedicated and loyal fans and have this passion from within to shout Modern Yoga Teacher from the rooftops and the interwebs! They are our biggest fans and cannot help but share their love for the freedom we have given them personally and profesisonally. Courageous, inspirational, and driven are the three words that describe these amazing individuals.
We also have books, a talented group of speakers consistently spreading the Modern Yoga Teacher way, and thought leadership around this methodology and our proven frameworks, in addition to world-class marketing, content creation and distribution. Collectively online and offline we reach hundreds of thousands of yoga teachers every single month.
We are regularly featured on all of the biggest outlets like Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, Success, Elephant Journal, Yoga Journal and continually speak at some of the biggest yoga and business conferences and events.
With our combination of unmatched front-end content (webinars, online books, videos), coaching programs, events, ecosystem of services, and our absolutely elite TEAM, we have the positioning and consistent revenue flow to continue to scale at an exponential pace.
Our core strategy for coaching our students provide a first class level of support throughout the whole process while teaching simple, highly effective marketing and growth strategies.
We help them implement these strategies and systems in order to grow their freedom and their revenue faster than ever.

THE Details

We are a team spread throughout the world across 4 continents and growing.
At our two headquarters – modern, clean, warm, open offices with a family environment – in Colorado (situated beautifully in the mountains and set to open by 2022) and Australia (situated beautifully on the beach and set to open by 2024) we have over 50% of our team including most of the core Leadership team located in these two locations. We also have satellite locations outside of the US, with our growing global footprint and business opportunities. We are looked upon as an elite, world-class team and company. We have started winning various awards for our team, our culture, and are known as one of the best places to work for ambitious, smart professionals looking to do something big in the world and have the growth and impact they dream of. We have grown exponentialy fast in our first eight years of operation, and now generate over 16 million dollars per year in revenue with our companies.
Speaking of fast, we are known for our speed and our audacity to get things done. We drive results and have been the talk of the yoga business world with our fast growth, high quality training and products, and insane success rate. Why do we have such a high success rate? Largely in part to our incredible team, but also to our culture – one that is driven by passion and grounded business sense. We are the best in the world at inspiring and motivating those who were meant to share their love of yoga with the world. Our pragmatic approach using systems, efficient operations and mastering the numbers help us to turn our company into a ‘0% reactive’ and intuitive machine… and this helps us drive consistent, repeatable, and scalable results.
With this systematic and proven way to help yoga teachers and studio owners succeed, we have an extremely high track-record for success including a “world-class” NPS of 83%+, and have created a blueprint that we have down to a science to make it very repeatable and scalable.

Our Core Values

We live and breathe our Core Values every single day.

Everyone Feels Supported

This is our mantra that reverberates through all of our thoughts and actions. No matter what, we go above and beyond to provide a first-class experience to whomever we come in contact with. Whether they are a student, graduate, potential client, employee, freelancer or someone who simply comes in contact with us, they will look back on their experience and feel they received heartfelt attention and support.

Strong Vision

Before we get to the promiseland, we must first know what the promiseland is. Vision is having the fortitude and clarity to put what you want on paper. It is the roadmap that will guide a person or an organization to what they seek. And because we have the courage to dream ridiculously big, we as a company do things that most only dream of.

Everyday we teach healers how to leverage their voices and speak their truth in order to reach more people around the globe. This has a profound ripple effect on the world as hundreds of thousands and eventually millions of people will be impacted by our students’ messages of healing.

Innovative AF

We are clearly the best at what we do because we continue to think differently than others. It is this willingness to be creative, take risks and try different strategies that will define our legacy. Never complacent, our passion to help healers is so deeply rooted that it drives new badass ideas constantly.

Courageously Vulnerable

Everyday we show up and we let others see us, despite the risk of what may happen. There is no guarantee that by doing this there will never be pain or suffering but it is the only way we open ourselves up to the opportunity of more joy and true connection. By being radically honest and transparent, we remove the obstacles commonly found in the digital space.

Epic Growth

It is our nature within each and every one of us at MYT to become a better person with each passing day. This commitment and the willingness to take on new challenges is the foundation to our incredible growth as a team. You cannot grow your business sustainably until you first grow yourself. Be the hero of your own story.


We only make decisions that create a WIN WIN for all participants. This is the only way to ensure the long term sustainability of the relationship.

One of the primary reasons why we love to get to know someone’s vision is so that we can make decisions that honor both our vision and theirs. It is from this place of understanding that we can create true WIN WINs.

OUR Incredible Team

Our team is full of absolute rockstars who are the best at what they do all throughout the world. We move fast, have crazy high standards, are courageously vulnerable, ambitious, 110% comitted to growth and learning, and love what we do! We thrive on growth, learning, and love the opportunity to serve this mission together.

We live by our Core Value of “World-Class” and attract a world-class type of person to our brand, programs, and opportunities. We protect who we work with and serve at the highest level, and are proud of this impact that the ripple effect is making across the globe. We have a commitment to world-class training and talent development, and this pays off many times over.

We are all about “The Team, The Team, The Team”, work together as ONE and are not afraid to challenge and support each other.
We encourage and enjoy an open, honest, direct, and challenging environment, and have a team that thrives in that culture. We have truly a family unit – one that is hard to get into, but once in, you’re now a part of our close knit community and set up to win – in business and life.
And with all of this hard work, we challenge each other to achieve our highest selves.
We promote and live a balanced life through traveling, enjoying family, friends, events, and experiences. We are enjoying this journey, even with the ups and downs and challenges that it brings. We take most of the opportunities in front of us, and give it our all in all areas because that is our standard.
When people communicate with us, they know that we’re authentic, genuine, heart-centered and real. Even though we’re bold, move fast, and expect high standards, ‘give a damn’ is in our DNA and our clients know that. Our team is all very much aligned on this, and is here for the growth and opportunities, but mostly for the impact. It’s a mission, and one that we are hungry to achieve. We are well connected and host regular events in Colorado, Australia and throughout the globe. We are entering more markets and areas with in-person events and connections to further establish our movement.
We invest heavily in ourselves, our education, and our Team. We expect to be the best in the world at what we do, and take that very seriously to be the world-class experts and guidance that our clients need us to be. We are extremely proud of what we do, and take it as our duty and responsibility to be the best in the world and make this happen. We are leading millions upon millions of individuals every year, and reaching billions through the positive ripple effect with our companies and programs. It’s our unique combination of skills (intuition, strategy, systems, operations, etc.), talents (team!), interests, and commitment to this vision is what separates us from the pack.
We are Modern Yoga Teacher. We are the best in the world at what we do, truly changing the world, driving results, scaling businesses, and changing lives – each and every day.
Modern Yoga Teacher

Honoring Yoga’s Past, Present, and Future.