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Virtual Assistant

We are looking for an Impressive Virtual Assistant!

Modern Yoga Teacher runs a 5-month marketing and business coaching program for yoga teachers to help them reach their audience, change the lives of their clients, and exponentially grow their yoga businesses.

Are you good at taking notes conducted online and sharing minutes of meetings?

Do you possess a good knowledge of computer skills, including MS Office Suite (Word, Powerpoint, and Excel), and other technology tools?

Are you an expert in managing social media accounts and appointments?

Do you present excellent customer service skills to customers and clients?

Are you great at organizing and multitasking to work well with fast-paced directions and instructions?

Do you have a strong work ethic and experience with online calendars and scheduling, particularly Google Calendar?

Are you passionate about personal development, assisting management, and helping people hit their goals and reach their potential?

Do you also get excited by the idea of:

Creating and reviewing customer spreadsheets?

Conducting market research and reporting about it?

Making a positive impact on the world and humanity?

Being able to work from anywhere in the world?

Working in a company that treats its employees with utmost respect and care?


You are an ideal Virtual Assistant if you are organized, pay attention to details, and can work under pressure.
You are familiar with the latest workplace technologies, online calendars, and placing calls.
You are tech-savvy! You have a wide range of computer skills and are proficient in the used software programs.
You are comfortable jumping from one task to another as individual clients make new requests.
We are looking for YOU if you stay at the top of the game and are disciplined enough in order to help the company reach its full potential.

Essential Responsibilities:

Provides administrative support to the individual, consultants, entrepreneurs,s and small and medium businesses.

Placing calls, returning phone messages, and arranging affirmation.

Keeping up with the company’s arrangement timetable and schedule by arranging and planning gatherings, meetings, video chats, and making travel courses of action.

Research and summarize their findings on any number of searchable topics- from flight and travel options, industry news, and background information.

Keeping an eye that relates to business and maintaining a client’s social media or professional profile.

Handles the small details to keep the company moving so that the company can focus on bigger goals.


Your salary will be negotiated depending on your experience.


Minimum of 30 hours per week


We don’t hire resumes, we hire talent. To apply, please fill up this form

  • Together with the video, please attach your resume/cv, contact details and include the time zone where you live, a relevant experience you have.
  • Applications will be accepted until February 15, 2022

Candidates who failed to follow the above guidelines will not be considered.

NOTE: Before you apply, watch the webinar here. Only apply if you feel aligned with what our company has to offer.