In less than two days from now, we say goodbye to GrowYogaBiz and embrace our new company name as the “Modern Yoga Teacher.” 

The official change happens on Sunday February 14th. There will be a new logo and website domain coming that will be first shared on social media. 

For the CEO, Ryan Rockwell, it was time to represent what the company offers to the world. 

“We’re going to honor teachers in every single stage of their journey. We are launching a couple of new programs this year, and we are very excited about it. We want to build a brand, and the Modern Yoga Teacher describes that”, he said. 

The new name still honors the 5,000+ years old practice and acknowledges how technology allows teachers to reach more people today. 

“Modern Yoga Teacher has assisted over 67,000 yoga teachers. Students from different cultures and backgrounds have come together with a single mission: to support changing the world through the power of yoga,” said Ryan.

“We felt it was time to change our name to embody what we help teachers become,” he added. 

What are the changes?

Talks about the rebrand started more than a year ago, but the company decided to go ahead with the plan last August. Since then, the team has worked hard to make the transition smooth for everyone, especially the current students. 

“These changes are not going to affect any clients in our program. Only our DBA and logo will be change. The way we do business is still the same”, said Ryan. 

We have urged students to reach out to the team if they have any concerns as we are here to answer all your questions.

A new era 

The rebrand is also a way to recognize how much the team has grown in the last five years. 

We feel extremely fortunate to say that every year we have either doubled or tripled in size and 2020 was no different. Because of the pandemic, we had to expand the team exponentially. Many yoga teachers were forced almost overnight to take their teachings online and many found that support from Modern Yoga Teacher.

“This is our coming-out party. We want to acknowledge that we are growing as a company and how the world is changing,” said Ryan.

What is a Modern Yoga Teacher?

“The Modern Yoga Teacher believes that abundance is their birthright. She agrees that to be sustainable, she cannot give 100% of the time and must be willing to receive,” said Ryan. 

“She is courageously vulnerable and willing to share her story. She knows that she must meet the student where they are and, for most, that journey within yoga begins online.”

For Ryan, anyone willing to become a Modern Yoga Teacher has to use technologies to leverage their voice and their message to bring more people to the path.

The Future looks incredibly bright

We expect to release new programs during 2021 including an online yoga teacher training. We will continue to offer our flagship training, the Yoga Mastermind Coaching Program along with our latest addition, the Yoga Video Academy. Both courses are designed to help students in creating a viable business online so they reach more people with the message of yoga and truly build a freedom-based lifestyle.