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Our Steps To Success…..

Step #1

Write the time and date in your calendar and be sure to set aside about 60min for the call.

This call is often a TURNING POINT in many yoga teachers careers so make sure you are in a quiet place where you can concentrate and come to the call ready to take notes.

Step #2

Write down a list if questions so that you don’t forget to ask anything while on this call. Our Breakthrough Coaches will help you to plan out your Niche, Perfect Client and Signature Program. These sessions are proven GAME CHANGERS..

Step #3

Download and Review our Results PDF Here.  I recommend you read EVERY WORD.  There are countless inspirational stories.  You can really get a sense of what our students are experiencing.

And just in case you haven’t
watched our webinar,

It’s VERY important that you go through our training (before the call) that goes over our business model that is VERY different than what is being taught currently to spread the message of yoga!

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