Have you ever heard a story about someone who built a business based on a solution she found to solve her problems?

Uber was born like this. Rumors say two friends created the concept after failing to get a taxi in Paris during the night. They were attending a tech conference in the city at that time. Learn more in this article

As the Glam Body founder, Danika Berry also developed a coffee-scrub formula while looking for natural solutions to treat skim’s problems. She was trying to heal the eczemas associated with depression and stress. All of it happened after she went through a devastating divorce, according to Forbes. 

Read her full story in the article From Consulting To StartUp: How This Beauty Founder Used Transferable Skills To Launch A Second Career.

When it comes to building a yoga business, we teachers should also turn our mess into our message. Here are a few reasons for doing so: 


  • Connect with the right clients. Only people who are willing to know more about our journey will relate to us on a deeper level and consider our knowledge valuable. We’ll attract those we want to work with because we understand their pain.
  • Make our experience worth it. The path we come from is the one others are also going through. They may be encountering the same obstacles or be struggling in similar ways. When we offer guidance or give them tools to face all the challenges, they will see value in us. 
  • Transform people’s lives. Potential students need to know that changes can happen to anybody. When they find someone who fought the same battles and won, they start to believe in themselves. Then, they decide to trust our methods and consider us their mentors.
  • Become a teacher off the mat. When we create a tailored program to help people achieve a specific goal, we don’t have to work only with asana practices and meditation. We can include other healing modalities, such as journaling, sports, books, and personal processes. It can be the same tools we have used in our journey. We can assist people in different ways when we look beyond yoga. 
  • Benefit from the teacher and student relationship. This business model allows us to still improving our lives day-by-day. It is a two-way winning situation. We are doing something we love and supporting people to grow and heal. In return, they show their respect and gratitude. They also let us learn from their process and take the lessons to make our program better. 
  • Become vulnerable. Open our hearts and share our story is scary. We expose our true-selves and put ourselves in a risky position. Although we may feel unsafe, it gives us the freedom to show who we are and what we believe. It is also an opportunity to reveal our qualities and raise our voices. 

Are you ready to transform your mess into your message? If you’re not quite yet there, remember this: in times when we can’t find faith in ourselves, we can put our faith in yoga.