Do you have other yoga teachers or studio owners in your circle that could grow their business with help from Modern Yoga Teacher’s Yoga Mastermind? Connect us! (Swipe copy provided below).

We’ll reach out and hop on a call for them to feel out if the program can help them achieve the business growth they’ve been working toward!

If they decide to join our family, we will send you and your friend reward options as soon as they join our tribe.


We want confident, capable yoga teachers who want to move away from the group classes and focus more on individual transformation, and genuinely want to change the LIVES of their perfect clients.
We want yoga teachers who are ready to rise to their potential and go after creating massive success by choosing to not only work with students in their local area but also to engage and work online with their clients.

We want someone who can go ALL IN and dedicate at least 10-12 hours per week.

We want someone who wants to utilize social media and webinars to make a connection with their perfect client.
We want to change the minds and perspective of those teachers that are committed to the group class model, only wish to teach this way, and teachers who do not have the confidence to offer a transformational offer. This program is hugely extensive and does require at least 10 hours per week, so those who have other commitments should come to us when they are ready and able to go all in.


If you send someone our way and they join our program during this time you or your referred friend will receive $1000 as a reward. You can decide on however you want to claim it!


1. Tap your network: 

Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn posts:

Where are my yogis looking to lay the foundation for a 6-figure online business? Let me share some light on that! I have a secret weapon for you! 


So far, my business [insert business win/growth goal]. I’d like to give back to the yogis in my network by making introductions to my secret weapon. Let me know if you’re interested or tag a yogi in the comments, I’ll connect you with the awesome team!


I’m on a mission to share and be the light in helping other yogis lay the foundation for a 6-figure online business. Who’s with me? 🙌 

Whoever responds, ask if you can send them a DM. Once they give you permission, send the following message. Once they agree, please reply to this email with their contact details we can take care of the rest:

I’ve been working with Ryan Rockwell over at Modern Yoga Teacher – their program is on the cutting edge of digital marketing & industry growth tactics, and their support has been amazing. If it piques your interest I’m happy to make an intro!  – INTRO EMAIL SWIPE COPY BELOW


2. One-off introductions:  

Send over a text/messenger note to someone you have in mind and ask for permission to connect us!

Ex. Hey, NAME! You came to mind because I know how you said you were looking for [XYZ] so I felt like this may help? I’ve been working with Ryan Rockwell over at Modern Yoga Teacher- their program is on the cutting edge of digital marketing & industry growth tactics, and their support has been AWESOME! If it piques your interest I’m happy to make an intro! 

If/when they say yes – connect us via email!


Send an email. 

SUBJECT: This program is a GAME-CHANGER – wanted to share with you!

Hi there,

A few ____ ago, I joined a business coaching program specifically for teachers called the Yoga Mastermind Coaching Program created by Modern Yoga Teacher, and it’s been incredible!

Happy to answer any questions you have about it.

I think it would really help you get some clarity about how to attract the clients you want especially since they only work with yoga teachers.

This is their Masterclass that goes over the core of what they teach that’s different from what 99% of teachers are doing. 

This week, their team is doing 45-minute Breakthrough Sessions (no cost). I had one before I started, and it was amazing!

Please watch this before book your call: Watch the Masterclass (Btw, if you’re interested let me know if I can share your email to the awesome team because if you DO end up working with them, they’ll send us BOTH a REWARD as a way of appreciation. Just wanted you to know).

I CC’d a member of their enrollment team here, so they can follow up with you, but you should probably grab an appointment spot before their calendar fills up: Schedule a Breakthrough Session.

Let me know if you have ANY questions. You’re going to love these guys!

Sharing the light,

(your name)


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