Being on Social Media is the norm nowadays. If you are not talking about your business on Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn, you’re missing out. 

People use different platforms to promote products and services. That’s the way most entrepreneurs and companies are finding customers today. 

Although most marketing gurus say it’s crucial to create an online presence and engage with followers, that’s not the only strategy available out there. 

Yoga teachers can explore other tools to attract clients and sell their services on the web. 

Email marketing is one of them. 

“When people get sensitive information, such as a bank statement or bills, they receive it in their inboxes. There is more of a personal touch through email than social media,” said Ryan Rockwell, The Modern Yoga Teacher CEO. 


How to use email marketing effectively? 

First of all, you’ll need an email list. Ryan chose an old-school method to get addresses. 

When teaching in-person classes, he used to talk to his students at the end to ask if they would like to receive more information about his services. 

“I would say: if you enjoyed this class and would like to learn how you can continue your yoga journey at home and strengthen your practice, sign up for my newsletter. There, I share tips and let you know about events coming up”, said Ryan. 

Offering e-books or webinars is another tactic to build your list. 

“One of the easiest ways to start a conversation with clients immediately is to get them on your email list. That way, you can give them additional content and let them know about your offerings,” said the CEO. 

According to him, people will be happy to do it if they find your content relevant. 

That’s the reason he would wait for the class to finish before approaching the students. As they were in the highest of their enjoyment, it was easier for them to see value in the newsletter. 

“If you have a great class, then your students want to go deeper with you. So, give them a chance. Every offering should build onto the next,” explained the CEO. 

How to get your clients to open your email? 

Now, you move to the second step. When writing the content to send to your list, you have one big goal. Come up with a subject line to make your clients open it. 

“If you see that people didn’t check your email, change the subject line and resend it. Don’t be afraid to use the same content,” said Ryan. 

Then, the body of your email needs to have a call to action. You give the best information and let people know what they have to do with it. Do they have to click on the link to register for your program, workshop, or classes? 

Be specific and lead people to where you want them to go. Try to make the process easy so they know what to do next. 

“A lot of yoga teachers don’t like to do emails because they think they’re annoying their students. I never got upset when I got an email from my yoga instructor. Not once,” said Ryan.

“So, if you want to use social media, that’s fine. But, you can do that in combination with email marketing and leverage your voice in different ways. Don’t be afraid of spreading your message to the world,” explained the CEO. 

What are the marketing tools you use to get in touch with your clients?