The Modern Yoga Teacher Mastermind Program explores other tools to grow a business online. Webinars, email marketing, and paid ads are some of them. 

The idea is to show yoga teachers some alternatives to social media. They can create a business that doesn’t rely 100% on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. 

However, it doesn’t mean that teachers should be out of social media at all. Building an online presence nowadays is crucial to any marketing strategy. 

By knowing how to approach the right followers on each channel, entrepreneurs can leverage their voices and attract more clients. 

The good news is that they can still make it organically and without stress. 

All they need to do is to have a good plan and learn how to work smarter. 

Here are five tips to help yoga teachers like you step up your game on social media and reach more people online. 

1. Tell your story and be vulnerable.

People want to connect with real people. You have heard this from other marketers before. They say that for a simple reason. People relate to those who have been through difficult times and survived. 

They want to learn about the lessons. They need inspiration. And what is better than a true story to tell people they can also win their battles?

It may sound scary, but your followers will be grateful for your courage. 

2. Share your truth.

Don’t be afraid of telling your opinion and show your true self. You won’t please everybody, but people will respect you for being honest. You will also end up winning some loyal followers. Is it not too bad, hey? 

3. Your knowledge counts the most. 

You can mention other specialists and studies, though people expect to learn more about what you know. You may feel you don’t have much to teach, but your experiences matter the most. 

What you’ve been through in life and how you faced your problems are unique. Your followers are willing to hear more about the tools and techniques you’ve used to come so far. 

4. Speak clearly.
Here we are not only talking about using plain language to communicate, but we are also saying you should care about your photos and graphs. When taking a picture, clean the lens on your phone and look for the best light. 

Also, don’t add a lot of information to one post. You can always split your story into more than one social media card, for example. 

5. Use all the free tools offered to you by the platforms. 

On Instagram alone, you can create stories, reels, carousels, and IGTV. Be brave and explore all the tools available on each social media. 

Don’t forget to check the analytics. You may find it complicated to understand at first. But, after doing a quick search online, you’ll see how all the numbers can help you get to know your followers better. 

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