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Sales Manager

We are Looking for a Sales Manager!

Modern Yoga Teacher runs a 5-month marketing and business coaching program for healers to help them reach their audience, change the lives of their clients, and exponentially grow their healing businesses.

We are Looking for an Impressive Sales Manager!

Are you a sales superstar and manager that loves to transfer your skills to other sales people

Are you passionate about motivating a sales team to keep performing at their best potential at any time?

Are you someone who naturally communicates with integrity and understanding and truly listens to each individual?

Are you driven to scale businesses? Set, track and reach team- and individual targets and eager to create and implement structures that assist in this?

Can you maintain a positive attitude while handling challenging situations and working under pressure?

Do you bring solutions rather than reporting problems?

Do you anticipate the company’s needs by setting goals?

Are you intensely skilled in organizing, problem-solving, customer service, and multitasking while maintaining excellence?

Do you also get excited by the idea of:

Meeting and exceeding planned sales goals?

Being a part of a team of excellent and diverse managers?

Working for a conscious company that treats its employees with utmost respect and care?

Making a positive impact on the world and humanity from your work?

Being able to work from anywhere in the world?

If you said yes to all the questions, we’d like to get to know you better.

Essential Responsibilities

Train (new) sales representatives, and make executive decisions about each reps performance and continuation

Work closely with the Marketing department to increase the growth of the company

Consult, confer and deliberate with the finance department, to decide about the credit and installment sales.

Be in close contact with customer support department and coaching team to be up to date on after enrolment support

Designing and implementing a strategic sales plan that expands the company’s customer base and ensures its strong presence in the market.

Establishes sales objectives by forecasting and developing annual sale quotas for regions and territories and projecting expected sale volumes.

Provide feedback and contribute to conversations with coaches and managers necessary to perform, coordinate and improve our program, work and team.

Control expenses and plan for profit, and make budgeting of sales with the advice of marketing research, account, and the budgeting staff.

Assists MYT in planning by suggesting improvements in programs.


Your salary will be negotiated depending on your experience.

Work Hours:

Must be available at least 30 hours for management and 8 hours for Breakthrough calls.