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Modern Yoga Teacher Testimonial Super-Cut:

Every One of These Success Stores Started With A Modern Yoga Teacher Break Through Call

$63K in sales in 2 months!!

Ivan R 02

$17K in sales in the first week!

$145K in 6 months!


Went from $4K/month to $40K/week!

From 0 to 14 clients!

Signed Client Win, Lindsey

From $7 to $42k in a week!

2 clients out of 4 calls!

Signed Client Win, Sue
Signed Client Win, Lizy

2 clients even before launching!

ROI with just 4 clients!!

Testimonial 17- Eric

5K revenue in a week!

Made 24K! just launching her Signature program on a workshop

Signed Client Win, Shannon

2 clients soon after getting started!

3 fully paid clients in one 1 week of launching!

Signed Client Win, Dayna

5 figure sales week!

Testimonial 31- Lisa

5 clients after getting started!

4 clients in 18 days!

Ary J. 01
Signed Client Win, Jennifer

2 calls, 2 clients!

Hitting the goal of having 15 students!


13 clients and way beyond her goal!

4 Perfect clients into the program at 64 years old!

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Modern Yoga Teacher exists to give Yoga Teachers and Healers the training they need to make a greater impact in the world, help more people and do it while creating a freedom-based lifestyle.

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